Wedding Celebrancy

Marriage is one of the most exciting celebrations in life.   An occasion that marks a mile stone for each couple, and reflects their unique love and a commitment to each other and to a future filled with shared hopes and dreams.

Tasmanian marriage celebrancyWe are all unique, and regardless of our country of origin or our ethnicity, we each carry with us history and experience of life along with the hopes and dreams of our families and those who love us.  Most couples I have met wish their marriage ceremony to be unique to them and to paint a picture of their individuality and the love they share.

Once a couple have committed to marrying and set a date their world often becomes consumed with the organization of their wedding.   Some joke that if a couple can survive the organization of their wedding day they can survive anything!

Couples must contend with choices such as the type of wedding bands, outfit/hair and makeup, outfit, party outfits, reception venue, flowers, transport, photography, music, cake/gifts and of course a honeymoon.

Weddings like people come in all shapes and sizes from an elegant, extravagant wedding  under a marquee, a small intimate family wedding sometimes in the couple’s own garden, a summer beach wedding, a traditional wedding complete with horse drawn carriage, a wedding on top of a mountain or one on the sunny deck of a rural country vineyard.  Many weddings contain important cultural rituals and symbols.

However, whatever type of wedding you choose, my advice is to choose your marriage celebrant as carefully as you would choose your wedding rings, reception venue and honeymoon destination.

I am a wedding celebrant dedicated to making your marriage ceremony personal and special. I want to make your day as magical as possible and will spend as much time as you desire to discuss and perfect your ceremony, to provide and discuss the legal requirements of a wedding, and to ensure that your on the day ceremony is as wonderful as you could hope.

For a civil marriage ceremony, I provide an initial interview to discuss your vision for your wedding ceremony, scripting and personalising of your ceremony with additional meetings to confirm that the ceremony is perfected to your desires, a wedding rehearsal, the conducting of the ceremony with a state of the art PA system and the provision, preparation and lodgment of all legal documentation.

For more information about my civil marriage ceremony celebrancy pricing, please visit my fees and services page.

If you would like to discuss my celebrancy services and your wedding ceremony with me, please contact me via my contact page or phone me on 0403 524 265.